Waste Oil Burners, Heaters and Boilers

Island Transit bus company:
"... dramatic decrease in our monthly electric bills - from $1,800, down to $250!!!"

Island Transit is a bus company serving Whidbey & Camano Island Communities in the beautiful state of Washington.

Here are some facts:

Island Transit has driven over 19 million miles since we started service in 1988!
In 2003 alone, Island Transit buses traveled 1,420,368 miles - up from 1,381,233 in 2002!
In 2003, Island Transit Vanpools drove an accumulated total of 923,431 miles, compared to 805,350 in 2002!
Each large Island Transit bus holds 150 gallons of diesel fuel, six gallons of engine oil, seven gallons of transmission fluid, five gallons of gear lube and six gallons of hydraulic oil.

Island Transit's oil heater was installed in December of 1994, at a cost of $6,270.

Island Transit burns all of the waste oil they generate, which includes all engine oils, transmission fluids and differential fluids.

After putting in the waste oil heater, Island Transit had a dramatic decrease in our monthly electric bills - from approximately $1,800 per month, down to $250 per month!!!